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Stuff for local p/u

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I got a bunch of stuff for local p/u. Stuff that I can't be bothered to ship. I live in Jersey City.

I have a box of NSB drivers, I want to keep 4 from it. I think there are 16 in it, but it could be more. $10 obo

I have 5 different subs from Monsoon computer speaker systems. I can't find the accessories, like remotes and such, so its for parts type transaction unless you want to construct some. I have two pairs of the planars, one pair that has been removed from housing and might need repair the other pair probably are just fine but I can't say for sure. The subs are from 2x MM700, 1x MM702, 1x MM1000, 1x Planar9. These are "get this stuff out of my house" give aways. I'll take donations.
So far I have all of it left. I was just about to put up a craigslist ad. I really would like to get the stuff out of the house.

My basement floaded about a year ago and prompted us to redo the basement floors, etc. This means everything that was in the basement is in the dining room. Lots of crap in dining room = motivation to go through stuff to get rid of anything I don't really need anymore.

Indeed it is the land of the parking tickets. What I like to refer to as the silent tax. Except I live next to a park which serves as overflow parking so its easy to find a spot.
NSB drivers gone....

anyone want any monsoon computer system stuff for parts? Only one pair of planars, but lots of the subs. I was thinking about using one of the drivers to try out a small tapped horn, but I have too many projects in the works right now.

SLA batteries a plenty. I don't want them to go bad sitting in my basement so make me an offer I can't refuse.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.