strange problem with CD player

i have a phillips CD371 CD player, yesterday i decided to try and improve it my doing some basic mods to it (few new resistors, and replacing the wires) however now when the CD gets to track 11 on any track it plays for around 10 seconds then skips and tops. it will not play beyond 11. i think this may be because i didn't put the cable between the CD and DAC back properly. any ideas?


2000-11-24 12:02 am
I had a similar problem when I "upgraded" an old Philips CD473 player.
In my case I found the wiring picking up more noise then the original. I did try to keep things as short as possible.
I rewired the player again. This time twisting all the individual wires and using ferrit beads wherever possible. I also kept all wires as far away possible from the transformer and the oscillator.
This meant using longer wires. Actually the same length as the original ones.
This solved the skipping issue in my case.

Hope this helps a little