Strange design. Has anyone heard them?

I have a friend who in the early eighties had also designed such a speaker. The footprint is an octagon. The top and bottom had a woofer each, connected with a force cancelling rod. Each of the side faces had a midrange and tweeter alternately placed. His theory was that all of this amounted to one virtual point source, right inside the middle of the box. He called it omnidirectional speakers.

When played with a good source and a good amp, the imaging of these speakers were stunning; yet the sound was very spacial and relaxed. There was absolutely no smearing, despite the many sources. Ofcourse, he had a bunch of papers which showed his math behind the design.


2004-06-08 8:58 am
I heard these in a Fiji Duty free store in the 70's. Typical store, totally crammed full of mainly Jap electronics and HiFI gear, but including European stuff. I bought a Lenco turntable and a Pioneer amp both which I still have. In fact the Pioneer forms part of my test rig.

Not the best conditions to listen to speakers, but from what I remember, the Sansui speakers of the time were better than most others on offer. (Sansui quality at that time was far better than their modern stuff, - up market priced, and very reliable)

The Akai's (of all sizes), were probably the least favoured speakers by local expats. but their tape stuff was good.
The pyramidshaped loudspeakers were actually designed and made by a Swede called Bengt Larson!The model nr is Larson LP720.

I do know about them since I have a pair myself!There should be a plastic badge"Larson" at the bottom,but since they easily come off, you don't see them very often in the pictures.Palisander is also by far the most common on these in original.The drivers,the feet,the metal net on top-everything exactly as the original!

His pair looks exactly as the genuine Larson,which makes me wonder-why does he say that they were made for him?Of course it's possible,but I wonder......