STOP!!! the hunt on HarryHaller.. You just get new members to leave this page as ....

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well he is banned now. but in general I think if you are from others picked on or made fun of, just ignore them. There is no reason talknig to them anyway. This is forum to share some info and have some fun. If this is not the case, just go somewhere else in the forum and the trolls will go away.
I assume I am amongst the people Sonnya was directing his post
at. I have pointed out twice that HH had resurfaced under a new
alias, one of these cases seem now to have been a mistake from
my side (Sorry BC108man). I never meant it as a witchhunt or
lynchmob or anything like that, although I can understand if
some have perceived it that way. Sorry about that. I have spotted
HH behind some of the other aliases, without pointing it out,
in some cases others had already found out.
So why did I do it at all? Well, The first case was in
the thread dedicated to discussion on whether to forgive him
or not. Some people said that he had stopped using new aliases.
Shortly after this he posted in this particular thread under a new
alias, most certainly as a joke towards these people. I just
wanted to point out that they were obviously wrong, but did
not make any suggestion myself as to whether this should
affect his being forgiven or not. In the other case, where I seem
to have been mistaken, well I was so sure it was Harry joking
with us again, I couldn't quite resist the challenge to point it
out and make a friendly joke back. Probably stupid of me.
Why others have pointed him out in other cases, is for them
to say.

As I have said before, I personally have nothing against Harry
even if he did behave badly under some of his earlier aliases.
He has provided a lot of useful and interesting contributions to
the forum under the name Harry Haller.
I will not try to stop him from making a serious comeback under
a new alias. That is for the moderators to decide upon.

So, if some of you think I behaved bad or stupid myself, please
accepot my apologies.
The Way I See It

We have/had a member here called HH who is well experienced, very well informed, generous in giving information and links and concrete advice.
His style is to give this information in as few keystrokes as will do the job.
Nelson Pass could be described in the same way.
NP is revered and HH is attacked.
After putting up with this junk for too long, HH decided to have a little fun and post under aliases and dip into subjects that he usually avoids but has relevant good experience in.
Nelson makes jokes and they are accepted.
HH makes jokes and is lambasted.
Neither has been downright offensively rude IME/IMO.

Anybody remember the UTTER filth that came out of the mouths of Mr Kilowatt and Mr Chris8 ?.
I do, and I also remember Dave and Bernard sticking up for them.
No banning, no cautioning but instead encouragement.
I really do not see this as justice.
Moderators, I say just let HH back in for he has much and valueable stuff to contribute, and the uptight and lame around here just learn a little adult humour.

Offended, Eric.

You shouldn't be offended anymore. If Harry really wants to post on this forum, he can. All he has to do is choose different name. If he will be serious, like on his best days, he'll soon find respect and recognition. How can you be even sure that his real name was Harry Haller?

So actually it isn't a loss and never would be, it's up to a man we use to call Harry Haller.;)

PS. I'm still under impression that he posted under two different names even today (I'm quite sure at least to one).
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Having butted heads with HH, (and with you), on several occasions, I have respect for his experience and knowledge.

But, he chose to start being offensive for no reason I can fathom, and hiding under various psudonyms to carry on his abuse.

If he wants to come back under his real name, and give constructive advice, I have no problem with that at all, but then again, pigs, one day may grow wings!

I have no problem with his twisted sense of humour, and sometimes his posts added a much needed break from pomposity and pretentiousness, but recently it stopped being funny and just turned nasty.

So, I have to support our moderators in this, but if Harry came back with a respect for other people, and being constructive rather than destructive, I would welcome him back with open arms, but I won't hold my breath.
Show Me The Evidence...

Al (Pinkmouse) Can we have some factual quotes of what HH has said, that some of us here seem to find so mortally offensive ?.
I mean, I have participated in and also re-read through lots of threads containing posts by HH and his aliases, but I fail to find anything that gives me angst.
What I have seen, especially with the confirmation of his aliases, are some blunt answers, some smart-**** answers, but as appropriate is an abundence of simple, clear, concise and factual answers, and none offended me.
Rather some made me laugh to my bones.
To be frank, when Grey was around he did give good information, but he also often gave long and rambling posts and that does offend me, and I also find Bernard tending towards this.
I say offensive in comparison because the erudite posts by HH give the information required in a telegram, and these threads can be followed easily and quickly and facts clear, instead of reading through far too much text for the subjects at hand.
Also please group the offending replies into the respective rules that they transgress.


BTW - the forum rules do not say anything about members having multiple personalities.
If moderators are miffed by this creative usage of IT technology, then IMO they should accept it gracefully as a learning experience.
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Al (Pinkmouse) Can we have some factual quotes of what HH has said, that some of us here seem to find so mortally offensive ?.

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. Personally, Harry has not offended me to the extent I think he should be banned, I am a thick skinned person,and can shrug off most stuff.

By the feelings I get from the forums though, other people have been hurt by things he has said, and that seems to be a majority view amongst other members. I don't think it can be narrowed down to particular quotes, but the general tone of his replies shows disrespect to others, and his use of alternate identities to cause more mischief is impolite to say the least, if you want to stand up and say something you should do it properly, and not hide behind a mask.

Yes, Harry's posts were brief and informative, but that is not the argument here. If, for instance Grey, who seems to be your current hate figure, had the same attitude in his posts, I think he should be banned as well, as it is not a matter of brevity or knowledge, but respect for others.

I am not saying this from some sort of moral high ground, because just last night I posted a rude reply to someone who didn't deserve it, because I was drunk and in a bad temper. So the first thing I did this morning was apologise, I don't know if JBL was offended or not, but that is not the point, I showed no respect for his feelings, and I was wrong.

So , Eric, Harry has been banned. It was not my decision, but I support those who made that decision. As I said, if he wants to come back it would be a good thing, his experience will be missed, but not his childish attention seeking behavior.

Hear! Hear! I could not agree with you more.

We used to get a lot of useful information out this forum and Harry was one of the chief contributors, sure he did not always answer your questions but he is not obliged to, often he gave answers and most people missed them.

Now we seem to have a lot of members who seem to want to waste space on never ending discussions about nothing or want to promote their feeling of self importance.

It seems simple, if you don't care for Harry don't respond and miss out a lot of practical knowledge. Maybe he intimidates you, but that sounds more like a personal problem to me.

Progress Report

For Harry - 1 with evidence.
Against Harry - 1 with nil evidence.

I don't think it can be narrowed down to particular quotes, but the general tone of his replies shows disrespect to others...
Hmmm, self contradicting there.
for instance Grey, who seems to be your current hate figure
This is another classic case if misinterpretation isn't it.
Al, your turn to apologise to me this time thankyou.

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