STK42334MK5 diy amp Relay problem


2016-02-26 8:39 am
Hi there,

If i turn off the amp as playing music, the relay does not turn off immediately and continues to keep active the output stage. It turns off, as expected, in 3-4 seconds after unplugging the amplifier.

my problem is;

when there is no input audio signal to amp, i turn off (cut the electricity) the amp and at the same time, the protection relay becomes open circuit (cuts the output stage and the LED beside the relay turns off). BUT, after 2-3 seconds, the relay is again power on and of course the LED is too, so output stage is activated by the relay. The relay stays in this situation for 3-4 seconds, then it completely turns off. If i give input signal to amp at this time interval, the amp plays music normally. I wonder the reason of second activation of the relay.