Stk4191v Pcb

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Hello Guys

I am trying to make a PCB for STK4191V, I am new to PCBs world, and using EAGLE 4.15.

I have created STK4191V library, and drawn the schematic, any one expert with eagle can please check this library and schematic for me, if any has a suggestion regarding the library or schematic, please modify and reupload. Another thing, try to autoroute the PCB cuz I use EAGLE light version.

Thanks in advance


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hi metal,

I did download your eagle file but lost interest when I found the PCB missing. Drawing a schematic is easy the easy part, doing the PCB is where the skill and time is required. Also, you're right, personally I'm not interested in the STK4191V so checking your schematic would require me to find the STK4191V data sheet. Sorry, just thought I'd let you know my situation rather than leave you wondering.
Hello guys

Thanks for trying to help, any way, I did it on purpose, and ont uploaded images, cause its a matter of a library that have to be opened and recheecked many times, any way, I spent last two days learning how to make libraries, and I found some simple mistakes that I fixed today.

I don't know whats up with this forum, what PCB software do you use guys, and BTW, is that all what you intersted about is LM....

not necessarily only the lm chips, a lot of us use the opa's and tda's as well, but the stk's are horribly outdated, and rather bad sounding; at least thats my general impression of them, though there are many different types and topoligys of them out there that i havn't tried.

I tryed a pair i got from franz and a pair that was in a old amp i disected for parts. stk027 i think they were called. not very good.

I have been working with these ICs since I was 11, ok man, no need to tell me which sounds better, or bad, I have worked with TDA, LM, OP, and STK.

Now, I said I was working on STK4191V, that I am sure you have not used it at all, man, I work with Djs and Metal stuff, so, Neither LM, TDA, OPA can handle the high power demands, and heavy duty purposes as STK can.

So, LM, TDA, OPA, are all monolethic devices, while STK is still hybrid, and this is a bonus, I hope you got my point, anyway, I don't need any help, any further, working alone in this forum is the right choice, I presume.

Thanks any way
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.