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It is about a Sony amp unit of mini hifi from 90s the chip was blown away for 2nd time in 7years that someone else change it for me I purchase a new one i almost blown the pcb with the heat gun and I maybe blow the new one but all this was suggestions because the problem with the whole thing was still the same as before I change the chip I open the thing and the rear fan was run in hi rpm and then I close it :p note that I haven't have any technician skills except from the basics any suggestions?

Thx for your time
Here are some pics


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So is there any possibility to fix it because I cannot believe how good is it made until I open it you find in there companies as Elna nichikon alps for potensiometer etc.The only problem with this thing is the cheap stk amp in there because otherwise I want it in my office as of spk so with my limited knowledge in the whole thing yes I want to learn in it as I fix it and I was wondering and I don't know if this is correct can I convert the amp from stk (in power unit) to transistor witch I thing is more stable than a the cheap stk chip? The specs if I remember it is 35+35w @ 8ohm so is it possible for me to build something like this on those pcb's that you cut it as you like?

Thanks for your time and be kind with my noobish :p
You could build up a small chipamp based on another manufacturer's chip.
When you get that working on the test bench, you can decide whether it can be made small enough to replace the STK in the space you have available.
just build a new amplifier chassis for your two new channels of amplification.
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