Stereo with 3 speakers, is there such a thing?


2009-06-18 4:42 pm
I had the schematic to build a pseudo center channel processor and I'm sure you can find a few online as they are very useful for wide spread speaker placement in large rooms. Meridian also offered true 3 channel reproduction for the Trifield format that sadly never gained ground.
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Something roughly similar is made to transmit a "Stereo but mono compatible" FM signal.
The main signal has L+R info, and an auxiliary subcarrier has the *L/R difference* signal.
So a simple receiver listens to it as "Mono" and a more complex stereo receiver can decode the stereo one, both from the same FM channel .
Otherwise you would need 2 channels which is expensive and inefficient.


2009-07-09 12:53 am
Vintage amps often had instructions on how to wire in a center channel speaker. Below is an example. But you should know if there is a hole in the center of your STEREO image there is something else wrong.


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When Paul Klipsch developed his Klipschorn he also developed a special "matching" center channel loudspeaker, the Belle...if I'm not mistaken. I do not know why but my theory is....since the Klipschorn only functions in a corner....more than likely the horns were put on the long side of rectangular rooms, leaving a "hole" in the center(Too wide a placement) So he built the Belle for the center.