Step down transformer to step up Pultec


Got a used Hammond 370BX
All the primary wires has been cut dead short with insolationtape, except for the two 100V pri the 0V´s and the shield to ground.
I will need to step down from 230VAC 50 Hz to 200V
And then step it up to 550V for the original pultec 1A circiut.
By doing this i would also get the voltage that the Hammond is rated for
instead of +/- 10V with the 230V to the 220V pri or the 240 pri

Had a look and found this one TSL40/002 INDEL - Transformer: mains | TME - Electronic components
But i really dont want to mess something up, will this work?
(sorry for the clumbpzsy english)
Help is much appreciated!
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