Step Attenuator

Hi guys!

I need a good stepper attenuator.
Preferably more than 23 positions, with non-metallic resistors (better carbon or wirewound).
I have just tried a chinese but it broke immediately.
Not Elma unless it's already mounted, even only 23 positions. And not DACT.
Please if possibile better ladder type 50KOhm stereo logarithmic.

Micheal Percy stocks a 45 position 2 deck Shallco switch. The Shallco part is physically huge.

Wirewound resistors are metallic. Carbon film parts require hand matching. Non-metallic, non-inductive, and 1% tolerance are what you get with Caddock resistors.

Perhaps a good off the shelf volume control, with an "infinite" number of positions, is what's needed. PEC hot molded carbon parts match that description and they are reasonably priced. ;)