Steinway & Sons Streaming: An Excellent No-Cost Music Source

Just a reminder, or if anyone does not already know: Steinway & Sons Recordings makes their entire music catalog of more than 100 CDs available for FREE streaming listening (no registration required and no personal data requested) here:

Of course, if you have Qobuz, you can hear the same music in hi-res, which Steinway Streaming is not.

But it's a great no-cost way to explore new music and performances. The most recent CD is quite a Coup for Steinway: Yunchan Lim's "Live from the Cliburn" Liszt Transcendental Etudes.

(Steinway sells a boxed set of my Christmas string quartet CDs, but I do not receive any payments of any kind in respect of those titles.)

I put together a list (with links) of 13 albums that I think most listeners will enjoy, ranked from greatest general appeal to greatest specialist appeal, with capsule reviews:


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