Starving college student needs a job!

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Hey all. I have been into the high-end audio scene for quite some time now, but between paying for my own college (CU Boulder) and rent, food, clothing, etc... I have grown to think that I will never be able to afford what I want (need?).

Plus, with the recent downturn of the economy, it has been more than difficult to find a job, especially for a 21 year old without a degree (yet), even though my resume is quite impressive for my age.

Does anyone out there have any advice, or possible connections for me? I really want to work, and I work damn hard. I am a fairly intelligent person and have a vast array of experience as well as an impressive knowledge base.
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Yeah... I am a senior now at Georgia Tech, looking at the prospects of getting a job, and the best solution that I can come up with is going to grad school for a couple of years, and getting my masters. It doesn't cost anything at most schools if you do research at the same time, and they give you money for food and living expenses. Hell, if the job market still sucks in two years, just go another two years and get your phd.

Cowanrg -

If I were you, I'd go talk to Paul McGowan over at PS Audio... He's in your neck of the woods.... Tell him you're interested in audio-video and maybe even mention your posts on this site as a reference...

Tell him you'll be very happy polishing the floor with a toothbrush if necessary....

You might also investigate other high end audio companies located in the area...

Beg...... LOL!

Just a thought...

Good luck,


Definitely take them up on their offer of showing the new sound room in Vale...

Also, I should have mentioned to you that it's always best to drop by in person for a quick inquiry rather than calling them... (very quick because you don't have an appointment and their time is valuable) This way, you're not just someone calling them who perhaps isn't serious... I would most certainly drive up to Vale and get to know someone who works for PS Audio first hand... If they made you this offer they were leaving the door open and basically saying that they were willing to spend a little time getting to know you better... If nothing comes of it, then fine - you still will have had a great drive and had the opportunity to listen to some great music... The time investment just might pay dividends...

You might also try Boulder Amps.... Look here:

Drop by in person and let them know you would LOVE to work there....

Don't give up!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.