Starting my own CRT DIY Projecter.


2002-06-02 2:14 am
I'm thinking about stripping a projection TV that have failed Horiz. circuits. I wonder If I can use the CRTs, and the optics for making a wall projecter? any ideas. help would be appriciated.

I'm am an electronics buff, so I do know somewhat on what im doing. The proj. tv I'm going to strip had a bad FBT, but I replaced to still no go, so I'm stripping.

I'm not going to use for computer or anything, just for video.

I can't help you out directly...I'm an LCD guy. But, there has been a good bit of discussion about DIY CRT projectors in the DIY Video Projector thread that might interest you. Your best bet is to go to the thread and click on "Show Printable Version". After it loads (it might take some time), use Ctrl-F to search for "Scot_Lad" or "CRT". Scot_Lad seems to be the resident CRT guru. I think you can e-mail him if you have any questions...I think he has left the board, unfortunately. Here is the e-mail link:

Good luck!