Starting my NSB array...

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Recieved all my parts Friday, spent a bunch of time and thought at the Home Depot today. Think I have it all planned out.

9 NSB's
5 Dayton tweeters

2500hz 12db xover

48" tall open baffle. 12" front baffle, with 6" 45deg wings \___/

Cutting all the holes is going to be the biggest pain! I'm using 1/2 MDF. The NSB's are going to be rear mounted, and the holes in front radiused. Tweeters are simply surface mounted. Going to use one of those flat boring bits to make the 1.25" holes for them. CTC spacing on the mids will be slightly over 4", and 1.5" on the tweeters.

Friday night I made my first OB speaker! They dont sound very dynamic, but they have a spatious sound and image well. The cardboard baffles came from the box they came in. Not bad for a $.98 pair of speakers. They sound like at least $4.50 speakers ;) .

Hopefully, the addition of a xover, tweeters, and my subwoofer will make them sound better then the sum of it's .49cent parts.


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NSB circle jig

I found a PVC piece at the hardware store with a 4" ID. I'm going to use this as a jig to make my NSB holes. I'm going to attach two brackets to the sides of the PVC, and screw it into the board. Then use my router with a flush trim bit to cut them out. Should work really well I think. If it works, it definantly be worth the $6.50 in parts.


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My PVC jig worked like a charm! Unfortunantly like most projects. And especially so on mine i'm learning. Oversights and mistakes happen. For example my hand drill isn't strong enough to drill those large holes. Fortunantly I can take them into work and use a drill press. Another thing is, the ring around the cone on the NSB is a little smaller then 4". So I put a couple layers of masking tape around the inside of the PVC to shrink it a little. Worked well on my test hole...but I need to shrink it down a little more. And lastly (well, not lastly, i'm sure i'll have more incidents), i'm using 1/2" material, and my trim bit is 1/2". So what i'm having to do is route down about 1/4" deep around the perimeter of the holes. This cut doesn't have to be perfect, just so long as i'm about 1/8th inch inside the perimeter. Even if I screw up and go outiside the hole a little i'm ok because i'm going to radius them. But still, I hate having to move the router freehand.

I think i'm done wood working for the night. I may wire up the NSB's and tweets tonight so they're ready to pop in once the baffles are done.

jawbreak: I know if I dont stay focused and get this thing done i'll stray and may never finish. I have good intentions, but a very poor attention span!


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