Standalone Music Streamer / Receiver

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Hi Folks

I am looking for a diy "not expensive" device with an audio in from streaming over the network and another with an analog out as receiver. Like a wireless audio transmitter but over the network. I could put some powerline adapters to feed an amplifier or amplified speakers from a mixing console or player.

All I find in the forums are servers controlled by tablets or phones.

Can anyone put me in the right direction ??

Thank You
If You want to transfer data on a computer network, then You need computers on each side. Meaning You need an ADC (as input) and a DAC (as output) and two network capable SBC like a Raspberry Pi or Cubieboard. Why do You want to do this on a computer network? Anyway, You will have a server that streams and a client that receives. Not less complicated than the one You read eg. servers controlled by a tablet, but You don't need that because nothing to control.
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Hi Earfanatic

Think of a wedding venue / farm and ambient or cocktail music.
The PA is in the main dinner or ball room and I would have powered speakers on another rooms or outside distributing music. Speakers with pen input are not an option, since I want the same music playing. Bluetooth or wifi is too short It's a wedding and not a fair.
I know there are wireless systems but the cheap ones don't work reliably, specially if there are thick walls. The ones that might work are digital with fancy antennas in the 2-3K price range.

Raspberry Pi are cheap and could be an option if I could use powerline adapters making the power grid as transmission medium. Yes and I want a simple server and several clients one time configured which would then could connect to it. Think of Baby monitors or Renovia Sonos Averlogic and $$$$ like products. I will suffer latency but perhaps it's not so bad.
In the meantime I'm using a 100m balanced mic cable, and I want to drop it.

Is there such software for the Pi ?

Thank You
moode audio on this forum is superb and i think is just what your looking for, it runs on a raspberry pi. all you need is USB wifi dongles for each pi and a router to form a network that can be private. you can use a laptop, tablet or computer to control the web interface.

from what i know you can link the pi's together via wifi to play the same file without latency.
Ok I didn't make myself clear....

I want a stereo line in on one side and a stereo line out on the other side. All what gets connected will be streamed via network (prefered) or wifi.
I don't want configuration pages for selecting music or playlists and no tablets or phones.

The only configuration will be at OS software installation time.
Then it has to boot with this configuration line in - dac -network - dac - line out.

From what I've heart the Pi doesn't have line in only microphone and a poor pwn audio out ...perhaps some daughtercards could help..
Okay. What is the question then? Is it possible? Yes! Does it come preconfigured to XY cheap single board computer? No. Do I know of an of the self solution? No. If You want to do that, learn about MPD and Pulseaudio, maybe Icecast. And basic Linux. You do not have to have a controller for anything but ensuring an SSH connection can save Your day (or the wedding), because these things need time to reboot when something go wrong. What others recommended to You are not just apps, more like linux distros. You can use the user interfaces to set things easily but bay not have all You need in the GUI. In that case You can SSH in and install, configure what You want. Trying does not hurt. When the RPI is not what You like the look for the Cubieboard I or II boards, those are fairly cheap now.
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