!st order series xover between 5"FR and woofer??

Has anyone tried a simple 1st order series xover between a full range driver and a woofer? I was thinking about the WR125s and an 8" woofer.
Somewhere around 200-250hz.

I have been playing around with the WR125s and a .5 helper woofer with just a coil on the woofer and the WR125 shows a lot of xmax at higher volumes. I guess that I could put it in a smaller enclosure to limit cone travel, but then it might start sounding boxed in.

Would it be necessary to add impedance comp? I am led to believe it would not be necessary with a 1st series crossover from what I have read. Even if the actual crossover point moves a little from the theoretical chosen point, both drivers should "balance out" ?
JM, I tried it with Sansui 8" and two different 8" woofers @ ~120Hz,it worked pretty well. I didn't use impedance comp;
I think how well it works depends on how smooth the woofer is above the xover point, of the 2 I tried, the poly cone was smooth, the carbon fibre was more forward, so I added a cap to the Sansuis as well as the coil.
I'm using a similar set up @ 250Hz with my new Peerless speakers until I get around to bi-amping - sounds excellent.
Pete McK