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SSE success

I would like to thank you all again for your continued support! Set up and tested my SSE with tung-sol 6L6GC power tubes 445V at the the plates(444V,445V), 36.4V,36.5V at cathode. Nothing blew up, no smoke just pure music. Moved it to the living room (no it is just temporary dear) hooked it up to the big speakers(fostex 206,SPL 96) fairly loud but will not shake the floor. Going to look over my notes and then try some EL34s


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2011-02-04 11:35 am
Just finished my Tubelab SSE today (after long months of procrastination)... My build is based on George's PCB. For OPTs I used a pair of One Electron UBT-2, power transformer is the Hammond 373BX, along with a Trancendar 10H choke. For coupling caps I am using Jantzen Superior Z. Tubes are JJ EL34 and 12AT7, Sovtek 5AR4 recetifier. No motor run cap yet, and the amp is now running without cathode feedback.

Initial impressions - very satisfying to my ears. Clarity, separation, soundstage, details, quantity and quality of bass - the amp ticks all the boxes. Very happy that I did this DIY project.

Special thanks to Rkinze and Boywonder for answering all the newbie questions (from me and other folks :)) and all the others who have shared details of their builds. And of course a big hand to George Anderson aka Tubelab for coming up with this design (and the boards) for the DIY community.

A friend helped me build the amp (PCB, chassis, wiring) - without his help the components would have remained components. :D

- Zia