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SSE Board mounting fasteners

Seeing as how I'm not an electronics guy I don't have an inventory of assorted PC board standoffs or risers and the screws necessary to fasten everything together.

So...can someone please tell me what thread size the the standoffs should have to bolt the board down and also what length the standoffs should be if I'm going to populate the board on both sides with tube sockets on one side so they can poke through the openings on the top plate of the chassis. I'm planning on attempting to follow George's instructions on how to set their height to be the same?

If there is a chance there could be a range in dimensions please tell me the range in standoff lengths I should get?
The mounting holes in my boards are large. They start as a 0.200 inch hole, but get plated, so they are probably about 0.198 inch. I typically use #8 screws and a nut on either side of the board so the exact height from the chassis can be tweaked to fit the particular tube sockets being used.

I have 3 different flavors of white Chinese ceramic 9 pin sockets, and 2 different octals. Most work with the board just under a half inch below the deck.


2013-12-04 12:55 am
You could also place the board lower so that some of the tubes which have a metal base, like the Electro-Harmonix KT-88 and which on the PCB have a couple of pins connected together making it live, are recessed beneath.

This would entail larger holes than if the socket were just beneath the chassis surface or slightly protruding. It also means you would see less of the other smaller tubes.

I used spacers that I salvaged - they're about an inch long and I used the bottom populated board assembly.