SPL Dynamics S-2000D

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This power amp got fire in the power supply section.

As you can see from the pic, the PWM module has melted.

I wonder, does it worth replacing it? Is it available?

All power supply IRFPs are blown/melted.

The main board does not have severe damage, from the melted module.

I think that after some careful cleaning, it can be repaired....

The class D section seems OK.

Please i need some experienced advice on this


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No, actualy i removed the burned module, after trying to desolder whatever pins could be desoldered....the rest ones, i cut them.
Is this module available to buy?
Most of the damage to the mail board was caused by the SMD electrolytics in the module that melted/exploded.
The underside of the main PCB is in repairable condition...
With a q-tip and alcohol, i think i can save the main PCB.
Problem is with the gate resistors of the IRFP064.....ALL burned-could i find their value?


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This is what i could remove by desoldering....
The rest, i had to cut.
In my opinion, this power supply started burning from the mosfets inwards, to the current amplifier transistors, and back


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Yes i agree.
Do you confirm that this kind of damage is worth repairing?
What would you do in my shoes?
I confirm that one gate resistor i measured was 33 ohms.
The rest of them , i do not know.
I suppose there should be two PNP and two NPN current drive transistors that are burned on the right side of the PWM modulde.


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@ Luka:
I think the amp was directly connected to a battery...
A 200A fuse might be difficult to blow....

@ Perry:
Yes, my board seems to be a bit different.
There is a D7 close to pin 5 of 293, that is not installed in your board.
Is your board also an S-2000D?
You can see the version of this amp in the uploaded pic of post #7.


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The missing diode (D8) was a factory defect, I believe. Other boards had the diode installed.

The board is from a Hifonics amp.

I don't think they use flame resistant boards for the driver boards. On the ones I've seen, the driver transistors fail and the board begins to burn. In most cases, the main board isn't damaged but with the amp mounted with the feet of the amp on the floor of the vehicle, the flames travel up to the main board. The amp is upside-down in the photos.
I have good news from the local dealer....he is willing to provide all spare parts needed for this amp
Thats great news!
I also learned from the owner of the amp that he has ordered a re-cone kit for his sub...not so good news for me....it means that the class D section is also damaged.
a couple of years later

Finally, the owner never came back with funds for the parts/labor.
I will repair it for myself. I bought a new driver board so far and i wonder if anyone has high resolution pics of the area where the board is connected to the main board.

An underside pic of that area would be of great help.
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