Spindle motor weak on start up


On my Esoteric SACD player I found that the spindel motor is not turning during TOC readings. I tired to push the cd hub by finger a bit and motor start working fine and all CDs and SACDs are reading and playing fine till STOP button will be pressed or CD is ended. What could be a problem? Capacitors ?
Failure to read the TOC of the disc can be due to a failing spindle motor.

Here's something that worked for me when my Technics CD player failed to read the TOC:

If the CD spindle motor is a DC motor, its commutator and metal brushes may be dirty and you may clean them as follows:

Disconnect both motor wires completely from the circuit board and power the motor directly for a few seconds in each direction from a 9V battery or DC power supply. This may clean out any contamination from the brushes and commutator.

If this doesn't work then squirt a little contact cleaner into the ventilation holes near the motor connections and repeat the above procedure.