SPICE models for power amp output transistors needed...

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Does anyone know where to get SPICE models for high power bipolar transistors for use in audio amplifier.... I have found some sources but none of them seems to have models for high power transistors. Even the demo versions of many electronics programs don't have any...

For example
2SC2922 / 2SA1216
2SC3281 / 2SA1302

Well, I work as computer technician, but I'm also very much interested in electronics and especially audio electronics. Since now I have been just tweaking various equipment I have had, but now I'm finally working on my own power amp project. I'm different in that sence that I want to be very well aware of all the nuances of any field I'm working on, so I have studied all the materials about audio amplifier design I have had a chanche to get my hands on for a little more than a year now. I also want to make a design that is in some way different than most of the designs out there and test out some of my "gut feelings" how something could work better. I don't want to spell out my ideas just jet, but I plan to make a web page with schematics and listening experiences as soon as my project is materialised.

This is why I need help with the SPICE models. I want to test out some of my ideas more accurately before finally starting to build the thing.

As I live in Estonia, a very small country (hope you find the time to check the location from world atlas,) it is usually difficult to get the part and etc. So I usually have greater expenses and delivery times to get anything that is not the most usual stuff....

Anyway, hope this sheds some light to me and my plans
Well the amp will be class a throughout. I'm still trying to work out the way to do it without global feedback, but it's quite hard to do right. The schematics is balanced and the input and VA stages have sepparate power supply lines with high supply voltages. The thinking behind this is to achieve an effect of something similar to cascoding as the voltages on transistors change by lesser percent and thus the parasitics of transistors cause less problems. I will also try to make the prototype so that it will be possible to switch between current mirrors and resistors in certain places. That way I will be able to evaluate the differences in sound introduced by these changes better, as it doesn't take too much time to swith between them and the general mood while listening will be same. So the psychology will play less role hopefully....

These are some of my ideas
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.