Spice Model for Multi-Way Loudspeakers

I have been using this model which I found on the web somewhere.
It seems to be 3-way 8 ohm nominal.
But now I need 4 ohm, 6 ohm.
I don't think there is a simple way to convert it to 4 or 6 ohm.
Does somebody have a 4 or 6 ohm model willing to share it ?
2-way also welcome ... Thank you ...

* generic speaker simulation (8 ohm)
* as published in Stereophile Magazine.
* Donated by Jaime Arbona, converted to subcircuit form

R_R29 $N_0002 $N_0001 8
R_R30 $N_0003 $N_0002 5
R_R31 $N_0004 $N_0002 5.6
C_C9 $N_0001 $N_0005 4.7uf
C_C10 $N_0003 G 3.3uf
R_R32 $N_0006 $N_0005 0.5
L_L16 $N_0004 $N_0007 0.5mH
R_R33 $N_0009 $N_0008 100
R_R34 $N_0008 G 39
R_R35 $N_0008 $N_0010 0.6
R_R36 $N_0008 $N_0011 0.9
L_L17 $N_0011 $N_0009 1mH
L_L18 $N_0010 G 10mH
R_R37 $N_0009 $N_0007 0.7
L_L19 $N_0006 G 0.3mH
C_C11 $N_0008 G 500uf