spherical enclosure

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I'm looking into buying the ORB audio sattelites.

I was wondering if it would be possible to design a spherical subwoofer enclosure matching the ORB's.
are there any disadvantages (other than very difficult to build)
or sonic problems to such an approach?

if this has been attempted before, i there any documentation available about it?

(other option would be to buy a standard sub, but the sphere would look really nice in my interior..)

many thanks..
A spherical enclosure will have a single, very strong resonance, but unless the enclosure is very large it will occour outside the typical frequency range for a subwoofer.

As for construction I would buy a beachball of around the volume you want and apply fibreglass around it to a thickness thats suitable, then cut out mounting holes ect.

Kris Metaverso of US enclosure made some 24"

NHT based subs that were still upsettng the neighbours at 18hz !

Like smaller spheres you may have to put in absorbsion

cores in the centre then there is balance and supports to

consider. You dont want the unit going face down !

Ferguson Hill also do a sphere. THe Orbs sort of look

very Gallo'ish. The custom paint work is great fun!

Luxman also do some spheres in Aluminium.

They had 5 with tweeters going for AUD$199 in West OZ



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those Ferguson Hill's look incredible..
but the price is a bit steep..

I think I going to try building one using a 10" driver
sphere would be around 40 - 45 cm in diameter, maybe 50. I will see during the design phase.

any ideas on how something like this needs to be calculated (after i chose a driver)

many thanks..
trying to get this back on track..

OK, so far it looks like spherical enclosures are pretty exclusive and horribly expensive..
makes me want to build one for sure...

what i would like to know is whether there are things to keep in mind when designing the sphere. other then normal enclosure rules. (box volume etc..)

454Casull: can you elaborate on dubious benefits? what do you mean?
there was an installer on elitecaraudio.com who did a install for a SUV of some sort that had 4 spherical sub enclosures in it. I can't find any pictures, but he told me that he took beach balls, fiberglassed them, cut a part out, pulled the beach ball out, and glassed a MDF ring into it. It was really sweet looking, and is possible

If you want spheres of about 300mm have

a look at the Historystones molds.

Then maybe two 6-7 inch subs (TB?) will allow

a higher crossover as judging from the size of

those Orbs like the Gallos they need a higher

crossover point than commercial advertising might

suggest! ! ! You could use a lightweight concrete

like Cemlite(R) HE at 1.47kg/litre. for the subs.



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