Spectrum Analyzer for analyzing static WAV files


2004-04-25 5:47 pm
what PC based spectrum analysis tools can accept an already recorded WAV file and generate a FFT ? Like RMAA - besides a 'dynamic' spectrum analyzer it will also allow to open an already recorded wav file and do spectrum analysis on it. Any others out there ?
VA (Visual Analyser) is good but it doesn't do existing wav files.

I have tried GoldWave but the problem with those 'audio editing' wares is that their FFT's look as if they were made for a kid in playschool, besides not having the resolution that a serious spectrum analyser should have.


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
free SwCadIII - LtSpice can read .wav files to control BV or BI sources, can then use all wave analysis options on the .wav or its simmed performance driving circuits - fft allows millions of points, many types of window functions, smoothing filter, waveform arithmetic


free SciLab is a MatLab work-alike that can read in .wav and do extreme numerical processing and plotting - default is 16bit wav, you need the xwave read/write .sci files on the contributions page of the website for 24 bit .wav