Spectron 1K Class D amplifier.

I was asked to 'fix' a Spectron 1000 watt class D amplifier. This amp has very good reviews but the company has gone out of business.

Does anyone have a schematic diagram. I would be happy to make a good donation to DIY Audio.

Love this space, thanks to the many contributors, John
Good Luck Sodapop with contacting Manh. A few months ago I actually drove to his house and knocked at his door. I did this after many attempts at contact by email and phone. He has a camera outside his door so I decided to ring the doorbell and knock until someone answered. (There were a couple of vehicles in the driveway and it was a Saturday.) There is a small window (probably bathroom) to the right of the front door. Finally someone answered through this window and it was his wife Cindy. She ended up being very nice. She said he no longer does any servicing and is working for the military. She said he has secret clearance and can't discuss anything with anyone and travels extensively. There are no parts or power modules available to purchase. I told her that he (Manh) could probably arrange with an independent repair facility to repair Spectron amps and just act as a consultant so that all the owners of Spectron amps would have more than paperweights. She said she would let Manh know my ideas but I doubt he will act on it. I believe his power modules were made by a Chinese company to their specs or at least the boards were made by them. Spectron could have then added their "special" parts which are the problem for repairs. The whole situation is very sad considering the technology that John Ulrick developed and patented. I also mentioned to Cindy that Manh should look into selling the patents and designs to someone or some amplifier company. Since he did not do this makes me think that some of the technology might be used now by the military if Cindy's story is correct. . At least to my mind it is the only explanation that makes any sense. I know that John Ulrick manufactured some incredibly powerful subwoofers with what I think were 8000w/ch amps using his technology for a special contract before he passed. Also one other note I emailed Jeff Wells who I believe was sales manager at one time and he said that John was very secretive with his designs and he doubts that anyone else would have any service manuals or schematics available anywhere. I am still using his amps and I am also looking for Spectron Musician amps with at least 1-channel working. I also am looking for Premiere amps with at least one of the modules working. Thanks, Bob