Specific heat sink mounting question


2002-08-22 4:16 pm
I picked up 2 of these heat sinks from MECI, each 24" long. They do not have a flat base; about 2" protrusion along the length as shown. I have already sent in a check for a pair of Zen V4 PCBs to pass labs and should get them soon. The MOSFETs on PCBs are spaced 3.3" which mean that all 3 of them cannot fit on the 2" wide protrusion. Here is the scheme I am planning to use to mount the MOSFETs. Since Q5 seems to dissipate a lot less heat when compared to Q1+Q2, I think it should do okay sitting on the fin.

Any obvious shortcomings or better ideas? Thanks!

My first diy :cloud9:


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