Speakers with three point mounts

I am somewhat amazed that no one has readily available 4 - 5" good quality speakers with THREE mounting points as used in many European cars.

I know you can purchase complete boutique kits at sky-high prices but IF, anyone out there knows of any supplier of drivers which are of better quality than the pathetic OEM units which probably cost the manufacturer about 90c, I would be very interested. Otherwise of course I will go down the path of making up converter plates to accommodate any of the plethora of drive units out there.
I am somewhat amazed that no one has readily available 4 - 5" good quality speakers with THREE mounting points as used in many European cars.

You can drill as many holes as you want, just be careful


It's always better for the speaker's basket to be secured to the baffle very vigorously
> so, 6 holes are better than 4, and 8 holes are better than 6:eek:

BUT for car, some losses ( air leaking from the drafts ) are expected in the design
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Thanks for your replies. - Yes, I am well aware of the more mounting points for a speaker, the better. - What a great example from these prestigious car manufacturers in using very cheap 3 point mount speakers in the first place. It's about whatever they can get away with. My 2010 5 series BM does not even have tweeters !

However, my standard issue 2007 Subaru Liberty wagon, (Legacy in US ?), has tweeters mounted up in the door pillars, - where they should be.
Hi R1234,
I have some pairs three points mount speakers! they are 5" and may reproduce with great accuracy mid-bass frequencies. I have no specs of these speakers anyway I have experienced they can hold about 30W music program at full range... while they can manage even 60W with an hp 100uF cap in series... they were used in early models Audi cars being a very good upgrading as stock-mount speakers. Only backdraw is that you are in Australia and I'm in Italy..
I see now in your #3 post reply you specify your car is a 2010 BMW 5series so I tell you as of my experience :cool: you won't be able to put a 5" speaker in that stock location -central door panel- unless you do big modifications to door panel with very thick external protrusion.... as of my knowledge at date your stock door mount speaker is a 3.5" paper cone for mid-highs and yes 3 points mount, but they are not an equilateral triangle... and most experienced installers did hardly install a shallow 4" in that location... with sky-rocketing installing+product cost for the "so said rich" biemmer owner.... in similar situations I have suggested installers to replace the stock speaker with Earthquake F3.5" coaxial (2points mount) which has a swiwel 20mm alu-dome tweeter and even this one needs some easy modifications to be done.
Also, you car should have a 5,25" mid-bass speaker under the dash behind the feet rest floor where it was usual to install a 6.5" speaker even if that location has a quite small room for a proper bass frequency reproduction....in fact, a simple higher quality 5.25" did much better job -in my opinion- than a forced 6,5" one... especially if the fit amplification would have been used.
Hope have been of some help to you...
Sure may have been manufactured a number of "three point mount speakers", question is R1234 was looking for a fit one for his 2010 BMW s5 door panel... he was also complaining for NO Tweeters in his renowned car, but THAT on the door should have been the system MidHighs, I agree not the best position as many more car makes have dome tweeters in higher places of the car, that's why F3.5 by Earthquake it's a real jolly for swiwel tweeter to place highs straight in the car dash!
Anyway, R1234 seems not following our further news... maybe he found already his solution...