Speaker recomendation for a very tight budget PLEASE

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I'm looking for a pair of used speakers with a tight budget of £100 so any recomendations appreciated.

like B&W's, Monitor Audiio, Tannoy, not sure about Mission or wharfdale (wharfdale mainly dislike because of all the budget crap they put their name to)

I listen to every type of music you could think of BUT mainly jazzy funky soul.

Size say B&W602 size to Tannoy R2.

Power, efficiency etc too much info I feel but 100W area, I'm only running a modified Cambridge A1 amp.

Idealy I'd like to get a pair of B&W's or Monitor Audio but keep going for more than my budget sadly.

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I'm looking for a good natural sound, clear highs and nice bit of base but don't need to rattle the windows as music won't be too loud (when the wife's in)
Currently using Gale Gold Monitor MK2s, which for their price range are very good but I want MORE.
I haven't been able to listen to any other models just relying on reviews and recomendations

Im assuming you want MORE musicality. The B&W dm601 was a great speaker. The 602 had more bass, but did not sound the same. Kef Uni-Q stuff is pretty nice at that price range. Tannoy Saturns are amazing, but maybe a little more cash. The Mission people also know what they're doing. Too bad most speakers in britain are british, there are so many good cheap speakers from North America.
Tom i had reservation about the Warfdale diamond too until i heard them in good set up.
My friend had the 803N but gets tired of the sterile and clinical sound so now he listens to diamond 9.something the biggest with the midrange unit.They need power but they shine with jazz.Diana Krall voice was husky and warm.They do sound more natural and warmer than BW if thats your thing.
I have a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 7s available if you are interested - but if you look for Lake Audio on UK e-bay right now you will find a pair of 5.2s that may well go for very much less than they are worth... really clear, with excellent staging. I had a pair for several years, sold recently... I have no link with those for sale at present. PM me if you want a more detailed opinion.
Tom, I know they're old, but keep an eye out for Mission 760i. They're good through the midrange, deep bass is missing a little, but they're often on ebay for ~£25 buy it now.

Sometimes, they've been thrashed. Look for dust circles in the speaker cloth. Avoid those where possible. Apart from that, sometimes the tweeters are a bit quiet. Lowering the value of the series resistor sorts that out. Some experimentation will be needed, but the results are brilliant.

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