Speaker Project


2005-05-03 5:05 am
So Im a poor college student whos studying to be an engineer. I have an old pair of huge stereo speakers from the late 70s early 80s (my father kept them for a long time then wanted to get rid of em). They're the kind where one unit has the tweeters, mid range, and woofer all in one. I lack a tuner. Nowadays everything is 5.1 (or more) surround so I was thinking of tearing the boxes apart, salvaging the speakers, and either buying box kits or building from scratch new boxes with the speakers in a surround sound configuration. I would do this in part because I know the stereo speakers aren't worth much on the market today. I have looked around online to see what I need to build enclosure boxes. It seems feasible but there seem like their could be some pitfalls. Ideally I'd build them out of wood (and/or acrylic for aesthetics) and think I can handle the craftsmanship of it. However, I don't know much about the electronics and am wondering how much, if any really, I need to know. Does it seem possible with good to very good results (better than fair and less than fantastic) for someone who isn't really a "hands-on evil genius."

If I want to get really fancy I could throw in a couple LEDs into em, because who doesn't like LEDs, honestly?

x. onasis

2003-01-03 2:48 am
How do they sound? You might do well to find out exactly what they are and make them work as best they can till you build something better. You likely won't be able to make decent "surround" satellites or even fronts by disassembling them. (At least until you know exactly what they are.) Certainly not 5 of them. But you can build something nice by starting from scratch.

Figure out what you want (or need) in terms of a system vs your budget and look through the "loudspeaker" section of this forum. You can build some inexpensive satellites using TB 3w-871s or really cheap using NSB's (do a search and you'll find lots here).

You don't have a tuner? Are you using your computer as a source? What do you have for an amp? If you don't have a decent one, you might be interested in building your own.

Name your needs and budget, lots of help here.
I would just leave them alone. You're not likely to achieve better sound by messing around with them and separating the components. I understand the poor college student thing but in this case I think you should save your pennies until you can build something made for the surround sound. Besides, movies on two channel are just fine.

mrcadillac said:
If I want to get really fancy I could throw in a couple LEDs into em, because who doesn't like LEDs, honestly?

Me. They can't make it sound better and they will look cheesy.