speaker problem. can some1 help me!

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OK. heres the deal. i just had my 18th. hired out a system and equipment. generator running the whole lot. Over the night we blew 1 of the speakers. It was the cones inside it. I think they were two 15" subs. They want us to pay for repairing. i wanna know if it was our fault or not. The speaker was a $3500 yorkshire, 1000w speaker. I dont know much else about it but they have been pushed before at concerts and stuff like that.

this is wat we found
1.The second speaker cut out because of some kind of built-in protection circuit.
2.The generator was earthed but the amp wasnt. it had industry sticky tape holdin the +- and netural wires in place.
3.The dual CD player we hired from them had a broken tempo before we hired it.

Please if u kno anythin bout speakers or have some useful advice can u giv it 2 me.
Thanx Pacman
If it was the bass element cones that broke it's somewhat unusual. That would probably mean the amplifier produced substantially more power than what the speakers were rated for. If they were hired from the same company I'd say they were at fault for giving you mismatched equipment.

Unless, of course the damage was mechanically induced. Did anyone stumble into the speakers?

Usually , when an amplifer starts distorting because it's cranked too high it will be the treble or mid-range speakers that blow.

I would think that any company that is in the equipment rental businees would provide some kind of protection for the speakers.
Even so, damage may occur occasionally.
I would think that this occasional damage is part of the cost of doing business.
Is the company willing to refund part of your money because their sub quit functioning?
Yea. they provided the dual cd, mixer, amp and speakers.
No they are saying it was our fault. No refunds, no help. The only thing they have done was order in replacement cones. Im not sure how loud it was but we got it real loud. It did "skip" about twice earlier in the night. When that happened we lowered the sound. it might have got put back up later on. Noone bumped the speakers or touched them. The connecting cables may have been bumped but that would be about it.
Thankyou for any assistance.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.