Speaker Identification Help


2010-09-02 8:49 pm
Could somebody please help identify this speaker (I have a new pair).

They are fairly heavy and have a double magnet or something.

It was suggested by another individual on another website that they may have come out of an Alesis Monitor One MK II model.

Thanks for any help.


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It looks like the Carbon-fiber midbass...

..from the Alesis M1- active MK2:


PE actually sold the CF 6.5" midbass units for a time from buyout.

That is not 'fully-shielded', but 'bucked' or ~70% shielded.
It's not 'fully-shielded' without the magnet cup.
I've seen quite a few bucked drivers with bumped backplates. You have to remember though, that some of the drivers that are made like this are not assembled with reverse polarity buckers, and are a poorly implemented version of trying to boost Bl, rather than shield it.

The first instance of a same polarity attachment I can think of is the set of double-magnet tweeters from Vifa/SS. These are effective in their methods, and are not shielded drivers. The magnet acts as a chamber increase, and does increase Bl enough.