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Google ! :D

Search for existing designs based on fullrange drivers such as ML-TLs or TQWT (my favorite) or even back-loaded horns, using Fostex drivers or small TangBand, they sound very good, especially Fostex's.


This is what I built for around 235 euros but it would cost half with Fe127 which sound good too.

Conecerning books, I never saw any, but surfing the net will give you the best points of wiew anyway :)
If you can not publish your speaker design on this site, what is the point in directing people to your thread. Do you want us to guess the dimension and design and copy the speaker like yours? I really do not understand the exercise. Am I missing something here.
I published it mainly because few people gave their opinion on the rarely seen FX-120, and not for the TQWT design which is, anyway, not so good unless you are in a small room. I would'nt have published this if I had used Fe127 or any common speaker.

And the second reason is that I'm drawing the plans of a new TQWT, using MJK worksheets, but I really have no time to build it as I will soon have exams.

As soon as they are finished, I'll publish the plans because then they are mine :)
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Originally posted by jeffers696
has any body got a clue were i could get my hands on a guide of building a set of decent but cheep speakers.

How cheap is cheap? I've built quite a few decent speakers for less than $50 (some even under $10). The secret here is finding a nice set of vintage FRs for next to nothing.

Search on the word Frugal-phile(tm) -- with or without the (tm).

For a bit steeper budget new drivers can be had (ie a set of Fostex FE103s are about $65 + frieght.

Thank you for your reply. I was under the impression that you were trying to advertise your friend's speakers on this forum. It is always nice to see the design along with the pics when people post their projects; after all this is a DIY forum, and as we all know no DIY is complete without the design information. Thank you once again for the explanation.
These are not my friends sepakers, these are mine !

My friend has the Fe127 version because he couldn't afford the FX120 (we are students :) ).

I waited almost one year after the plan was given to me to have the speakers and build the enclosures, but I don't regret having spent my pocket money in these drivers. The only thing I regret is not to feel the amount of bass I thought I felt when the first prototype was built by my friend, because at this time I was new to DIY audio.

I unfortunately don't have much time right now to build a new enclosure because the end of the year arrives fast and the amount of student work increases :)

Maybe in one month !
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