Speaker Damping Material


2002-01-13 12:11 pm
acoustic foam

It is the 1 1/2 inch convoluted acoustic foam from parts express. The box is 20x20x21.5" internal dimensions, the optimum size using WinISD, so putting a layer on all the walls will not affect the volume. Therefore it is 4.63 ft cubed, correct?
Thanks a lot!

What is the point in starting a new thread with a question to which you apparently already know the answer?

Not only have you answered your own question, but you have also replied to tranzistor as if you were proficient in the subject.

So far as the effects of adding a lining to enclosure walls are concerned, a lot depends on the type of enclosure (ie closed box, ported, equalized sub or whatever). You did not seek to ascertain this essential information before replying to tranzistor therefore your response should have been qualified with an indication of under which circumstances you believe it to be true.

Geoff at the time that I started this thread i was unsure of the effects of filling ... time has past and i now have a reasonably firm understanding of the topic. And yes i should have asked the enclosure type ... i was assuming sealed if this is not the case the effects may/will be completely different. I do not pretend to be an expert @ any of this ... i just try to help people where and when i can given the experiences i have had.