Speaker Camp 2022 - Northern California

Some pictures from a fabulous day at Casa Brock!

1st: Soldering Lesson. 2nd: Me and my new Moths - Nelson Pass in background. 3rd: Burning Amp luminaries, Variac in checked shirt, Dana Brock with hat, Mario Yrun in white t-shirt, me in BAF t-shirt with Nelson Brock (ACA Redux).


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2020-05-19 4:31 am
I don't post much but want to say thank you so much to the Brocks, Nelson Pass and others that made this such an incredible day.
I am listening now to the speakers I built. Using my F6 clone for the top and a hypex class d for the bottom.
I have been through a few other full range drivers in various configurations but man these moths are something truly special. I've been going through a lot of different speakers both home built and vintage restored as I try to develop my ear and...these slobs are the probably the most elegant sounding, engaging and...tactile(?)...they really question if maybe I might be more susceptible to synesthesia (and amsr sonic tingling) then I though possible. Really kind of nuts--sounds have volume and physical and emotive texture. Certain sounds actually emerge and erupt into shapeshifting shapes. And no I am not high. Not yet anyway.
There are some issues--not all music is ideal but what is ideal is spectacular, they don't really play loud, there is of course a bit of the highest frequencies missing, they sometimes can resonate around various frequencies when pushed, sometimes things get just a touch to fizzy but...who cares? Maybe this is all just new speaker psychosis and it will wear off but I am very very thrilled. Their "problems" are far less offensive than almost anything else I have listened to. They almost force me to stop being so analytical as they are so enjoyable. And I got to build them out in the woods of Sebastopol. Sometimes life is really good.
I recently rebuilt a pair of Ohm F's (among others) and those are about the only other speakers that I could say made me smile this much. Only problem with those was the constant worry that they were going to self implode. How wonderful to listen to the slobs and know that my biggest problem is that my family is wondering why I have been spending so much time listening to music for the last two days.
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Great to see folks building Open Baffle speakers :)
Wish I was there...
A question about EQ/baffle step correction:
At what frequency does the baffle step (notch?) for the FR work?
I guess that the same trick could be applied for a fullrange speaker in a box (instead of a resistor/coil at the speaker level).
The only thing I didn't like were the 10 uF electrolytic caps in the FR signal path. Yes, the can be replaced, I know... ;) (Unfortunately I use them too...)
I would have loved to be there and then row back to the Netherlands to save shipping costs for the SLOB + Moth.
Will have to organize my 1 person speaker camp overhere. So please, what model Eminence woofer is used, cannot find the type however hard I search.
Or what ts specs should I look for to find a suitable alternative.
Finally!! I have got my Moths all wired up and stuffed into my too small living room. Driving the Moth's with an ACA and the woofers with an F6. By happy coincidence the pot settings of full on for both hi and lo seems to work just fine.

With zero hours on the drivers they sound VERY NICE!


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