Speaker Cables in bulk

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"Speaker cable is a bit different from a lot of the interconnect cables we handle, in several respects. Because speakers are driven at low impedance (typically 4 or 8 ohms) and high current, speaker cables are, for all practical purposes, immune from interference from EMI or RFI, so shielding isn't required."
-from the Blue Jeans website, following your link. Could anyone please explain how this is so?
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In 40 years I have always used 13 amp uk stranded mains cable.
A similar USA stranded mains cable should be fine.

Agree'd here. You can buy bulk 100M of 2 core 1.5mm cross section mains cabling here in oz for $90. Or 3 core 2.5mm, rated for mains voltage and 10 Amp continuous... And you get a free extra wire in there too!

You can even use it in your house. :rofl:
#16/3 orange drop cords are about $20 now - three of them is cheaper than a roll of 16/2 or even 16/3. You get the 3rd wire and plugs for projects or dim bulb limiters for free. 12’s are getting pricey (upwards of $100) but still cheaper than a roll of the stuff. Romex is cheaper but stiff and in many places can’t be used. Twisted pair made out of THHN can be even cheaper, depending on where you get it and how big a rolll you’re willing to buy. At least you can get it in stranded. Pretty stiff for stranded, but better than solid core. The very cheapest is probably (non plenum) Ethernet cable, but you only get 4 pair of #24, making a #18 pair effectively.

I remember when those 100ft #16’s were $7. Two 50 foot speaker runs and a “insert triac/light bulb/whatever here” circuit out of each one, and the four speakon connectors costed more than the wire.
For long speaker cables in the US.
SouthWire brand Romex® 3 wire + ground 14AWG.
Connect the Red & Black to one terminal and the White & bare to the other.
Effective 11AWG star-quad but it's stiff and ugly!

did I mention that it's stiff?

Southwire makes really sturdy cable, just used some for a chassis ground. Tough as nails. It's hard drawn copper though, hence the stiffness.
I see softer copper normally being used for audio cables.
mcmaster has stranded low voltage 12 ga zip cord for $84 a 100'. McMaster-Carr
10 ga is $140 a 100' McMaster-Carr
I with my amp & speaker find 10 ga has less IM distortion on high frequency source tracks like top octave piano: Compared to 16 ga zip cord.
extra flexible jacketed cable McMaster-Carr is $158 a 100'
My amp banana jacks are 1" off the floor so the extra flexible 400 strand wire is useful. I got mine salvage out of a factory dumpster. Skinned jacket cable is not suitable for 480 vac mains, is suitable for 84 vac audio. Crimp yellow spade lugs on the amp end: the only 1/4" phone plug that fits the speaker end is switchcraft right angle.
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