SPDIF output PCB

My new PCB for digital/SPDIF--Time relock,redintegration,less jitter,to support 16bit44.1→24bit192 and DSD


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Oh, I have two types DSD interface borad to output DSD-L/R BCLK.
I can play DSD data (like 2L Data Sample or so) from PC via this board , and connect to DSD-DAC(like ES9018 Buffalo II or so).

Buffalo II ( The Buffalo II Digital-to-Analog Converter )

I think DSD need 3 signal line about L , R , CLK. I can't understand sending DSD via SPDIF i/f (single signal line) .
PCM needs three signals too (i2s)... There are just packed in SPDIF and regenerated at the other end (more or less precise).
DSD is not standardized to be send over SPDIF, but it can be done. Denon has Denon Link III that can send PCM or DSD over a CAT5 cable - basically three pairs carry three modified SPDIF signals.