spdif from phillips cd210 ?

hi all i have a phillips cd210 that i have been using for a while now as my primary source, i have modded it by making it a top loading transport with a puck, gave it a kwak clock and converted it to zero o/s

i just got a behringer dcx2496 digital crossover and wish to use this player as a transport but it has no digital spdif out. im sure this is an easy fix, i should be able to tap it off a pin of the 7220/7210 chip ? i have lost all my documentation on these chips so does anyone have some info that would help ?

i am also interested on people's opinions of the quality of this player as a digital transport ? it uses a laser that tracks on a tagential arc, which i know nothing about

i am also keen to know if the kwack clock has any sonic impact on the unit when it is just being used as a transport

best regards, keegan