SparkoS Labs SS3601 and SS3602 OP Amp Review

Not great current noise alas, probably unsuitable for MM phono amps as a result, but look decent performers otherwise. The high bias currents responsible for the high current noise will cause issues in many circuits with offsets too - pretty much every stage needs ac-coupling with that sort of bias. These aren't devices you can expect to perform better in some random circuit - in many they will be noisier due to the current noise, or even clip due to the large bias currents. When used in a circuit designed for them they look great, but I'm never going to shell out that much money for one.

Lots of people simply do not understand that voltage noise is not the only noise spec that matters, and current noise is dominant in many circuits. There's are reasons people use NE5532's and JFET opamps, and low current-noise is a notable one.

Basically they don't really tick the low-noise box convincingly - the voltage noise is OK but not low enough to compete for microphone or MC phono duty, the current noise is poor for higher impedance circuits. In circuits around 1k impedance they are a good match, but there's lots of competition there, and many with much lower bias currents, and some really good performers at a significantly lower price, including JFET and CMOS input devices.

And they are not fully short-circuit protected, they can self-destruct if the output gets jammed to a rail. And they run hot.
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