Soz trans.

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Hello all
Buying a 2nd Plitron is in the long term, at present, I am having a devil of a time finding enough surplus HS to meet the requirements of the amp.
Moreover, until I do, I was wondering if using a large step-down trans. before the Plitron is a feasible alternative.
I think you probably meant to post this in your original thread.
Do I understand you correctly: are you proposing to reduce the voltage of the transformer so the amplifier won't draw as much current? I guess it would work, although it seems clumsy.
Why would a 1500VA step-down transformer cost you much less than another Plitron for the second channel? How about a lower voltage Plitron? 8 watts may be enough, anyway.
Or maybe consider something other than the SOZ (sacreligious in this forum, I know)? Other amps sound good, too.
Bonjour Grasshopper!

Nice to see you here Gustavo and still havn't given up on a 25 watt SoZ amp.

First thing that comes to my mind about using a step-down transformer before your 1KVA Plitron is being able to find a step-down transformer that can support 1KVA draw? If available off the shelf at any electronic component store, it certainly would cost just as much or more than another 1KVA Plitron. In Canada you can definitly find step-up 120 - 240 volt transformers but it's not common to find say a 120 -> 60 VAC step-down transformer.

Have you considered buying a 20 amp (@120VAC) Variac? This way you can set the output voltage so that your 32V Plitron can output at a much lower voltage - thus lowering the current draw by the SoZ circuit (assuming the power supply of your SoZ is NOT regulated). Beware though the Variac will definitely cost more than buying another Plitron.

PS: I picked up some more heatsinks at the local metal recyclers. (5 min. drive away)
SoZ trans.

Hello all, Brendon
I just happen to have a 1.5kv trans. that I pick up for $25 as well as a3kv variac. The variac may or may not be working: it was free. I will test the variac as soon as time permits, if it works, I will put it to use.
Becoming anxious to get this project up and running, as my main source of music has been a cheap CD boombox and the occasional few minutes when I run into our recording studio.
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