source selector


2007-03-21 6:34 pm
I would like to make a source selector that will allow me to choose from 3 different amp outputs, and to connect the chosen output to 1 set of speakers. It sounds like a simple switch to me, but I had some questions:

1) is it just a matter of using a break-before-make switch?
2) if yes for (1), are all standard switches break-before-make?
3) would a commercial product like this have some sort of protection to prevent jarring sudden-off & sudden-on signals from getting to the speakers?

If I can do it simply for amp output, then I'd like to do it for amp input too. That is, a selector that takes in my turntable input, cd player input, & computer sound, and has 3 RCA outputs that I can choose from, to route one of the source signals to one of my 3 amps. Is this as simple as the output selector seems to be?