Source for RCA jacks?


2006-12-01 4:41 am
I've got an amp here in need of a new set of rca inputs and I'm not having much luck finding a suitable replacement.I purchased some from mouser but the pin configuration and mounting holes are slightly off and will not work in this particular amp.The amp in question is the same lightning audio B250.1 thats was giving me some trouble.Now all it needs are some new rcas and its good to go.Does anyone know where I can find replacements or maybe even some chassis mount rca jacks that will work?

Perry Babin

Paid Member
2003-11-20 11:01 am
Try contacting Lighting Audio to see if they have replacements.

In a few instances where I couldn't find jacks (or if the amp wasn't worth the cost), I used horizontal jacks (like the ones in the older 2ch Rockford amps) and hard wired them to the board.

If you use panel mount jacks, you must insulate them from the panel unless the panel is plastic. The ones posted by ca90ss have their own insulators so they wouldn't require any other insulators.


2007-11-08 2:14 am
I had that with a newer infinity amp, the RCA was broken. What do these people do with these amps.... Anyway I found the same one in a cheap junk amp I have here except it is not gold colored...oh well. Another cheap one had a different style, I think the infinity had separate grounds and the others I have do not. They are a double set, 4 plugs in one, and mount to the board.