source for high voltage diodes.

I have ESL transformers and twenty ceramic caps rated to 6000v coming in the mail. Now, what i need is high voltage diodes. Sad to say, Antique electronic supply didnt sell high voltage silicon rectifiers, but i guess i know why. Radio shack is right out, i called em up: "What's a diode?" was their reply... Where can i order these parts from so that they will be proper, inexpensive, and arrive quickly?
hey netlist.
checked out farnell, very expansive site! Wish they had a local outlet. seems to be based over in europe, hence the pounds currency. If i pay in dollars it will get converted to pounds no problem? I should think shipping wouldnt be too terrible either for such small items.
I didnt think to check a tv repair shop, but that seems to be the perfect answer. and i bet the guy will be able to answer all of my other HV questions too.