Source for FM Alignment tools?

I'd second that advice, the cores are made of iron-dust in a binder and can be weak/brittle. If they've been fixed with a blob of paint-like stuff they may be hard to shift. Its wise to check the performance first and leave well alone if within service-manual specs.

A signal generator than can generate mono and stereo FM signals is pretty much a requirement for proper adjustment of the whole FM section, especially stereo decode and proper linearity setting of the discriminator.

You've checked out some of the YouTubers that do this? There's some good guides out there.

Good luck.


2011-04-29 8:37 pm
One more hint. On the unused end of the alignment tool add a flag made of tape, so you can easily see
how much you are turning the tool, and also how far you need to turn it back (if you need to do that,
and you will).
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