Source for decorative bolts, washers?

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Greets, all,

My new ZBM4 mini's are complete, however I'd like to pretty up my removable baffle somewhat; anyone found a good online source for bolts, screws, washers, that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping?

I looked over but I don't see the washers and would like to buy all from one place; also the local hardware stores here have very poor selection... :rolleyes:

Specifically I need #10 bolts, at least 1.5", and washers to match; ideally both in black.

Sam T
Try this:

The normal black finish is called "phosphate" and is a dull matte finish. Common for hex socket cap screws. You could (semi) goss them up with a little paste wax or oil.

Be aware, however, that this finish is not rustproof or even particularly rust-resistant, so might be a poor choice for humid environments.

There is a black chrome process, which you sometimes see applied to parts for things like motorcycles. Guaranteed to be very expensive.

One solution for custom fasteners is to start with stainless hex-socket head screws and chuck them in a drill and use sandpaper, a belt sander and/or a polishing wheel to turn town the rough finish and smooth it out into something shinier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Look in your phone book, there should be a fastener supply place some where. Mainly these folks sell to business in bulk orders like a box of 100, but they'll have supplies and better prices than you can get on line (shipping and weight) and far better than any hardware or big box store.

I use Fastenal, and they have two locations in your town and a web site.
bicycle shops usually have a nice selection of 4mm bolts with various heads, aluminium, stainless, titanium, chromed you might be able to find the metric t-nuts to match if it is a road bike store, they used to use t-nuts to hold the cleats on to the racing shoes.

lots of stainless bolts on ebay as well. they dont have to be particularly strong, just look nice.
When I was building my speakers I decided I wanted all Brass hardware. Unfortunately like you, I found the local selection lacking. So, I found some broad head galvanized Phillips screw and painted the heads gold which actually worked out pretty nicely.

Various types of copper and bronze paint is also available, if that is more too your liking.

Since these screws are only rarely going to be screwed, I wasn't worried about and haven't had problems with scratching the paint.

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