Source for basic electronics knowlege

Does anyone out there know of a good, book or website were I can obtain some general electronics knowlege? I read the esp site's tutorial on passive components which was most helpful. I would like to understand how diodes work in a system, and equations are good. I'd like to be able to calculate what exactly is happening at any point in a simple circuit, hopefully an aleph 4. Thanks for the suggestions.

diodes are 'one way' doors...

go to Radio Shack and buy: "getting started in electronics" its a good starter book with plenty of "for further reading" stuff. even some projects to do so you can translate 'schematic' into 'meatspace'.

plus, if you're gonna kill stuff with your soldering iron better it be cheap project stuff, not you /real/ stuff.
Rob, I've spent 8 years as an electronics teacher and have many texts on the subject. Two of the best books that I've come across are; Hughes Electrotechnology and Bernard Grob's Electronics. Both are good texts that don't rely on instruction or a math major. I look through my library later and see if I can find any other good books.

I suspect that there must be some good sites on the web but have never gone looking. If you find some please post them for others.

Regards WALKER

PS If you hate math, you've picked the wrong subject.
I'm still an awful newbie at audio electronics, but so far I've found "Practical Electronics for Inventors", by Paul Scherz, extremely useful. It's taken me from high-school physics to where I am now (wherever that is :D ).

Amazon has 56 sample pages for this book if you're interested - but they're not very good samples.

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