Source for 4" mid-woofers in Europe

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I recently got my hands on a pair of (faulty) M-Audio Studiophile AV40 speakers. It turns out that due to a crack in the feedback trace on the circuit board, the amp had sent ~20V DC to the right-side speaker, killing the woofer in the process.

I was wondering if some of you good people could indicate a source of some half-decent (and low-priced) 4" mid-woofers, within Europe? Buying from US isn't really an option - shipping and custom costs make this choice non-viable.


- 4 ohm impedance (but in a pinch, 8 ohm would do)
- round frame (ie. not "cut" like the Peerless woofers, and not with those "screw-ears" for rear-mounting like generic uber-cheap speakers)
- 4 (four) screw holes (not 5 like Visatons or 6 as some others i've seen)
- 125mm outside diameter
- 108mm screw-hole circle diameter

The best candidate i've found so far would be HiVi M4N, but i'm a tiny bit "skeptical" about that metal cone break-up - the original has what looks like a PP cone.

Looking forward to some good tips :)

Best regards,
Don't mind the random links but these are some of the names I often see when doing searches on Google. I've never tried them but putting these up because I've seen the names for probably over a year.

Here's another name but I've only seen this one recently, don't know why.

Here's another one. Can't remember how often I've seen this one.

And another one I've only seen recently.

Again, I don't know how often I've seen this one as well.
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Hi Chris,

The M-Audio Studiophile AV40 are cute speakers and I would first attempt to restore the BAD 4" speaker. Have you emailed M-Audio to attempt to get info on the woofer? spare parts? suggested alternatives?

PERSONALLY, I would take the BAD speaker apart and look for markings on the 4" woofer to identify it. IF no markings were found on the BAD woofer, I would take the GOOD speaker apart and study on the internet how to measure the GOOD 4" woofer T/S parameters with the goal of a finding a close match. Crossovers on clever speakers are not a "one size fits all" deal.

I have successfully used several SB12NRX25-4 midbass speakers, but you would compromise the AV40 Xover if you just replace speakers without also adjusting the Xover components.
I actually hadn't even considered contacting M-Audio, since these aren't exactly very "high-end" speakers, so i don't expect that TOO much research and selection went into the design of these drivers. But then again, i might be wrong :) That being said, i *have* sent M-Audio an email today - can't say i've got very high hopes, though :D

I've already extracted the bad woofer, but there's *NO* markings / labels / writing of any sort on it - it's the most "anonymous" woofer i've ever seen.

Spec sheet says they're crossed over at 2.7kHz, which is in the "flat" or ever so slightly rising area of the impedance curve of just about every 4" woofer i've "researched" these days. I *do* intend to replace both woofers of course, to at least maintain symmetry (although i'm pretty sure that in the real world, they're actually tuned slightly differently - the left speakers's also housing the transformer and electronics, while the right speaker's empty :D ).

On the other hand, i kinda-sorta wouldn't want to spend TOO much on these. I think these are discontinued, but the AV30's are "still" a bit over 100eu brand-new (~130-140$ on this side of the pond), and i've already spent 40eu getting these as they are :)

Among the links fakeout was kind enough to provide, i've found a couple of reasonable candidates. The Monacor SPM-116/8 is cheap, but lacking TS-parameters, and any sort of response graph and it's 8-ohm, but it IS cheap :D And then there's the Tangband W4-655__, W4-656 and W4-657, for some 30-40eu are also 8ohm, but better-documented. And just now i came across the W4-1052SD - looks like just "what the doctor ordered", 4-ohm, wide-range, if a bit pricey.
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