Sound Projector? i.e. a propper soundbar DIY style? - thoughts?

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So I'm wondering if it's feasible to create a matrix array of fullrange speakers (or acceptably full range with some L/R helper subs) that can be digitally controlled to beam in certain directions.

The idea comes from the people who implemented the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector: CML Audio Technology

For a single channel I'm thinking a 4x4 matrix of 1.25" drivers would be a good starting point?

Obviously I'd want to try getting one matrix working, and beaming where planned, first before implementing a full 7.2 surround bar. But I just wanted opinions on initial design ideas and potential problems.

Yes, I know that a 1.25" driver will sound worse than a 5", but I'm not expecting to re-create hi-fi, just wanting to play with matrix beaming.
DIY Sound Bar

Hi All,
Brand spanking new to this forum.

The reason I've joined is I am also looking to create a diy sound bar.
for years I have been using a yamah AV Reciever, with full speakers etc.. that runs a 6.1 DTS matrix, which sounds supurb even for its age (10 years plus).

Cut a long story short, the Mrs hates cables and objects (speakers), rather than conceal the lot into wall and ceiling etc..I looked at purchasing a sound bar.

After reading all the reviews on sound bars etc... I've decided to create my own from some HK, small PC speaker set. As most reviews suggest unless you have physical speakers dont expect physical speaker surround sound. Most of my findings have found that even the 3D stereo can be limited.

My aim is to simply have have 2.1 system with a sound bar using 4 x 2.5" satellite speakers 2 left - 2 right with the outer speakers wide angled direction.

Anyways good post I was hoping some projects and photos might be available to give me some ideas...
DIY Sound Bar

Forget to say using a gale sub, no amp just speaker connections from tv. It's SRS+TruBase out (Pioneer). Please see pic attached.


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The matrix will only start to beam for wavelengths smaller than the circumpherence of the matrix, and even then the beaming effect will not yet be as strong as you might like. In short, a 4x4 matrix of 1.25" drivers will only be working for tweeter frequencies.

Well my design ideas are still malleable. Do you really mean circumference, or should your post read as diameter? If I strung together 16 2" full rangers in a single horizontal line, then the width of the collective speaker would easily be down to ~300Hz wavelength. Since the rear two channels are the primary ones that need beamforming I could feasibly fit two 16x1 arrays (or lines) into one box.

Would multiple channels be able to share a single group of speakers effectively? I assume this would depend on how similar the content of those channels are?

Also, detection of directivity below ~200Hz does exist in our brains but isn't terribly strong. If I can't beam below 300Hz that certainly wouldn't break my heart or the project's success in most critic's eyes.

-sent from a phone; sorry for amy typos
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