sound of TDA7296 and TDA2052

I am now using an active speaker with this 2 chip inside, TDA 7296 driving the low, TDA2052 driving the high.
Any one can advise the sound quality of this 2 chips vs chips like TDA 2030 and LM1875, regardless of the output rating? I have good experience with TDA2030 and obtain liquid sound without grain.
My problem with TDA7296 and TDA2052 is that when I have moderately loud sound, the output will suddenly become soft for a while. And 1 side of the speaker just become quiet. I check the power supply, everything is all right, but now the 2 chips has slight offset, with TDA 2052 about 0.3V, while TDA7296 about 3.5V. I iwll return that speaker to the agent...

best rgds

I would like the comments as well.Specially about TDA2052,how it compares to LM1875,LM3875 and alike.

The TDA2052 sounds more balansed to my liking when compared to AMP-6 (D-class).
The voices are more lifelike and fuller,funny that >s< are more pronounced though.Bass is fuller but not nearly as tight as AMP6.
Soundstage is not as wide,but I think the speakers "disappear" better.

TDA2052 has 2200uf and 0.1uf at supply pins(dual supply).PSU is unregulated 120VA 15-0-15Vac ,aprox.5000uf capacitance in total.

AMP6 has 22Vdc SMPS and the "original" regulators in board.

The TDA2052 gainclone was made some time ago from scrap parts ,for my work bench use.Couple of days ago I wondered how it would sound thru my speakers (Jx92s Mltl 48") and was surprised.
I' not completely happy with the sound but it made me thinking if for example a LM1785 gainclone would suit my needs better than AMP6 :confused: