sorry, another beginner (hopefully soon)

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Someone on the madisound board told me to try posting here for this.

All my DIY audio experience is in speaker building, but I hope to be in the SS game soon.

I am looking at the feasability of building the AKSA amp. I have heard nothign but good thigns about them, and the price fits into my starving-student budget (I think), but I am not sure if I owuld be capable of such a project.

First, how hard is it really to build? Is it something I could do successfully (and safely) with minimal electronics knowledge, a good ability to solder, and a lot of patience?

Second, how powerful is the 55wpc version? My homebrew speakers are about 88db sensitivity, and I like to play loud, but not earth-shaking. Also, I've heard that the 100 watt version tends to have a slightly more refined high end. Is this true?

Third, What exactly is in the kit and what will i have to get for the power supply? And overall, how much should the 55 and 100 wpc versions cost respectively?

also, How hard is it to add a passive volume control?

Thanks a lot for all your help.

Zach England
Salt Lake City
My Opinion

I would not build any power amp as my first project. Having said that the AKSA55 is an easy build. Hugh includes all the amp board components. A few minor parts (fuseholder, RCA sockets, output posts are needed + the power supply. Hugh can supply all the power supply components except for a few parts:
(1) the transformer - Avel Lindberg give great service on supplying these (Follow Hugh's recommendation and use 2 160VA units)
(2) wire
(3) power switch and indicator lamp
(4) probably need a couple of terminal strips and spade connectors to make things easy to assemble/take apart
(5) case - Hugh has recommendations. You can build the amp easily into a 2U (3.5" high) 19" chassis or very easily into a 3U chassis.

If you want any more detail email me at

I'll give advice freely - just accept that is worth no more than the price paid :)
I am interested in doing the same thing as you. I have built speakers and would like to try my hand at a power amp. Where can I get the kits for this amp? Is there a web page with more info? I must say that I have been hesitant about building an amp because I don't have much electronics experience. This might sound silly but I don't really understand what a power supply for one of these things consists of. My only experience with power supplies is in assembling computers. Any info from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

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