Sony WM-D3

Hi everybody,
I got this Sony WM-D3 walkman.
When I want to play a cassette or record something with it, it keeps giving this clicking sound all the time.
It can be heard in recordings and can be felt on the apparatus.
Does any of you know the cause of this ?
and does anybody know a cure for it ?
It's a nice walkman and I do want to keep using it (especially the recording-feature is cool) but the way it behaves now sucks big time.

I had a similar problem and got myself an iPod ;)


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Check out this link:

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A great group for all things "Walkman". Check out the entries that have "Center gear repair" or "center gear broken" or "walkman DD clicking problem". You will find many entries describing this problem as it is common with the old DD Walkmans. It seems to be "engineered obsolescence" on the part of Sony.
Good luck... Daniel